Sub-Reseller System and Whitelabeling

All services offered within EuropeanNIC are completely resalable with a minimum of time needed to get started. This includes domain registration and management as well as DNS and further products. Get into business and grow your success with one of the world´s leading provider for resalable domain and internet solutions.

Main Features:

  • Domain name registration and management platform
  • Dedicated accounting / invoice system for generating bills, customizable according to your own CI (corporate identity) and needs
  • Access to one of the world's best API systems including industry standards such as EPP and XRRP
  • Highly automated system to increase efficiency and revenue
  • Initial add-on of additional products to your store-shelf without any implementation needs as they are implemented into the EuropeanNIC
  • Full web interface access for you and your clients


EuropeanNIC offers the customization of certain layout elements and important functions. You can customize elements according to your own needs and corporate identity (CI) or even integrate external components.

  • Customizable whois server output, transfer and WDRP system (customization of the standardized WDRP email template).
  • Layout and web client in your very own CI.
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