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.es: Registry takes measures to avoid invalid contact handles

22.11.2016 11:54

The Spanish registry informed us that they have found a great quantity of .es contacts whose associated identification numbers admittedly comply with the NIF validation algorithm but are manifestly incorrect because they do not correspond to a real physical or legal person. The registry mentioned numbers such as 00000000T, 99999999R, 00000001R, X0000000T.

To avoid this in the future, the registry is going to implement a filter that will not allow the creation of new contacts with said numbers of identification. This filter will also not allow to register domains using this type of contact.

Furthermore, the Spanish registry reiterated the obligatory nature of providing accurate and truthful data. Please note that has the authority to carry out verification on the registry data of domain names through the cancelation process and even to delete domains where required.

Please be aware of this and please take action to prevent invalid .es contact handles. In order to correct the NIF a new contact handle with a valid NIF number must be created. Then a ModifyDomain command for the relevant domain should be executed.

.游戏 , .娱乐, .企业, .商店: Revision of the launch schedule

22.11.2016 11:42

Please note that the launch schedule of the following 4 IDN TLDs is subject to a revision. The Sunrise has been extended - for the moment until December 31, 2016 (16:00 UTC). Applications can be submitted until 1 hour before the end of Sunrise.

The dates of the subsequent launch phases are not yet determined. We will inform you as soon as we have the exact dates.

The affected TLDs are:

- .游戏 (.xn--unup4y, Chinese for games)
- .娱乐 (.xn--fjq720a, Chinese for entertainment)
- .企业 (.xn--vhquv, Chinese for enterprise)
- .商店 (.xn--czrs0t, Chinese for shop)

Re-opening of the .baby Sunrise, increase of the application fee

22.11.2016 11:37

We have re-opened the Sunrise phase for .baby applications. The registry has implemented a comprehensive verification process that requires some manual effort. Therefore, unfortunately, we have to increase the non-refundable application fee.

Please also note that we can accept Sunrise applications only until November 28 (12:00 UTC). The Sunrise phase addresses trademark owners with a valid SMD (Signed Mark Data) file. First-come, first-served.

Moreover, we are accepting applications for the .baby Limited Registration Phase (LRP) from now on until March 27, 2017 (12:00 UTC).

Verification during Sunrise and LRP:

The requesting registrant must be connected to a baby-related product, service, organization, or community and in line with the stated mission of the .baby TLD. A template of the required verification information can be requested through our support team.

command = AddDomainApplication
domain =
period = 1
auth = [authcode]
ownercontact0 = [CONTACT]
admincontact0 = [CONTACT]
techcontact0 = [CONTACT]
billingcontact0 = [CONTACT]
nameserver0 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]
nameserver1 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]

smdfile0 = [Line 1 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile1 = [Line 2 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile2 = [Line 3 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile3 = [Line 4 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
trademark = [Your token] - REQUIRED

Update on the registrant change for .ie domains

15.11.2016 09:08

As we have already informed, the registrant change (trade) for .ie domains will be subject to a charge as of November 19.

Furthermore, there will be modifications to the trade process. You can still use the command ModifyDomain to change the registrant of a .ie
domain but you are required to additionally transmit the parameter ACCEPT-TRADE = 1.


command = ModifyDomain
domain =
X-IE-APPLICANT = [New Applicant]
X-IE-APPLICANT-CLASS = [Natural Person]
X-IE-DOMAIN-CATEGORY = [Registered Trade Mark Name]

Moreover, as of November 19, the registrant change can also be processed by using the TradeDomain command.


command = TradeDomain
domain =
X-IE-APPLICANT = [New Applicant]
X-IE-APPLICANT-CLASS = [Natural Person]
X-IE-DOMAIN-CATEGORY = [Registered Trade Mark Name]

New Terms and Conditions for .be registrants

15.11.2016 09:04

The .be Registry DNS Belgium has prepared a new version of the “general terms and conditions for .be domain name registrations.” These general terms and conditions apply to every holder of a .be domain name, i.e. your end customers. The new version will enter into force on December 1, 2016.

The new version (6.0) of the general terms and conditions entails important changes and DNS Belgium consequently deems it necessary to inform registrants about it in a direct way. Thus, we ask you to forward these new terms and conditions to our .be clients.

The text of the new terms and conditions is available on the registry website:

Update to gTLD Domain Owner Changes as of December 1, 2016

08.11.2016 12:13

As already communicated ICANN has announced and will enforce amendments to the Transfer Policy as of December 1, 2016. The new policy changes the process of gTLD Domain Owner Changes and will be imposed on all generic domain extensions and on all ICANN registrars. Thus, new procedures will come into effect. ccTLDs are not affected.

The changes include that you will have to use a FOA (Form Of Authorization) confirmation process, where both the old and the new domain owner need to confirm the owner change. Upon completion of a registrant data whois update, both old and new registrant contacts will be notified of the update by e-mail as required by section II.C.1.1.6 of the ICANN transfer policy. If the e-mail addresses match, only one notification will be sent.

Registrant change for .ie domains liable for costs as of Nov 19

07.11.2016 15:23

Please note that the registrant change (trade) for .ie domains will be subject to a charge starting on November 19. Furthermore, there will be modifications to the trade process. We will provide you with details on these changes soon.

Liberation of - now available!

07.11.2016 15:18

On November 1, NIC Argentina removed the restrictions for the extension and made domains available for all users without any especial requirements.

Thus, you can register domains as of today. Please be aware that we offer registrations only with included trustee service.

Provisional Address Masking Option for .nz domain names

07.11.2016 15:17

The .nz registry has introduced a Provisional Address Masking Option which offers individual .nz registrants the possibility to have their contact address ‘masked’ from public display in the whois by sending an e-mail to the registry ( Please note that only the registrant or admin contact name on the whois record for the domain name can make the request.

Individual registrants who take up this option will have their contact address masked with a unique reference code and the Domain Name Commission’s P.O. Box address. The registry will on-forward any post received to the registrant concerned.

This is a free provisional option for individual registrants only, not businesses or organizations; and the option is on offer for as long as it takes the registry to finish up their whois review and implement any new policies around the display of information for individual registrants in the whois.

Change of IP address for web forwarding service

14.10.2016 14:56

Please note that the IP addresses of the web forwarding service will be changed on November 14, 2016. A-Records in our name servers pointing to the old IP addresses will be updated automatically on the effective date.

Please ensure to update A-Records in your own name servers after November 14 if applicable. The parallel operation of the old web forwarding service IPs and the new service IP will be ensured until December 14, 2016.

Old IPs: (wildcard forwarding)

New IP:

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