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.observer & .realty: Binding applications possible now!

30.03.2017 13:58

We are now accepting your binding applications for domain names under the TLDs .observer & .realty.

Launch time-table:

Sunrise: Until April 17 (11:00 UTC). Only for trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. Multiple applications for the same domain will be resolved by auction.
Early Access Program (EAP): From April 17 (14:00 UTC) until April 24 (14:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.
General Availability (GA): As of April 24 (14:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.

Please note: Applications can be submitted until 1 hour before the end of Sunrise / the particular EAP day respectively before begin of General Availability.

command = AddDomainApplication
domain = |
period = 1
auth = [authcode]
ownercontact0 = [CONTACT]
admincontact0 = [CONTACT]
techcontact0 = [CONTACT]
billingcontact0 = [CONTACT]
nameserver0 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]
nameserver1 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]

smdfile0 = [Line 1 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile1 = [Line 2 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile2 = [Line 3 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile3 = [Line 4 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
trademark = [Your token] - REQUIRED

.gdn new in our gTLD portfolio!

30.03.2017 13:56

As of now you can register .gdn domain names. The three letters stand for Global Domain Name. Supported IDNs: CN, TW, JP, KR.

Uniregistry will increase pricing for 16 TLDs as of September 8

20.03.2017 13:21

Uniregistry has announced a significant markup in transaction prices for the following TLDs as of September 8. We recommend to renew domain names before the deadline and to secure names for up to 10 years in order to benefit from the old prices. Promotional and other discounted prices may vary.

Please read this (shortened) statement of the registry:

"[...] Our original pricing was based on expectations of a combination of high consumer demand and material registrar promotion of new domains that we have not seen to date. We believe that each of our top-level domains needs to be a viable, stand-alone business, capable of supporting future investment in infrastructure, marketing, and support for the customers who ultimately use these domains. After launching over twenty-five strings at a variety of pricing-levels and pricing-models, we have come to believe that the best way to create a stable, long-term future for niche domains [...] is with a higher pricing model. [...] We have seen strong interest in our higher priced strings from the communities of users that we intended to serve when we applied for these top-level domains. [...] Of course, no one appreciates price increases, but ultimately, we believe that the quality of the available domain inventory and the prestige of having a meaningful, easily communicated domain name closely connected to the user’s business or affinity will continue to provide registrants with a delightful user experience and value far beyond the cost of the domain registration. [...]"

Release of new .shop premium domains as of June 11

20.03.2017 13:19

The .shop registry has announced that beginning June 11 almost 700 brand new .shop premium domain names will become available for registration. At the same time the registry is adding five new .shop premium tiers. Unlike existing premiums, names in these tiers will renew at the standard .shop renewal fee.

New names to be released include Russian (ASCII) generic terms and Chinese pinyin names as well as 3- and 4-number domains. If you are interested in the full list, please contact our support team.

Coming soon: .health Sunrise will start in May

20.03.2017 13:18

We are planning to start accepting applications for .health domain names, soon. .health provides a name space for high-quality health products, services, and/or information. We will provide you with more information once we have all technical details.

The .health registry has scheduled the launch as follows:

Sunrise: May 8 until July 7, 2017
Limited Registration Period: July 20 until November 30, 2017 (token based)
General Availability (GA): As of December 5, 2017

.baby: Applications for EAP & GA now possible

20.03.2017 13:09

You can now transmit your applications for all remaining launch phases of the .baby TLD.


Limited Registration Phase (LRP): We are accepting applications only until March 27 (12:00 UTC) due to the verification process of the registry.
Early Access Program (EAP): From April 5 (00:00 UTC) until April 11 (23:59 UTC). First-come, first-served. You can submit your applications until 1 hour before the end of the particular EAP day.
General Availability (GA): As of April 12 (00:00 UTC). First-come, first-served. You can submit your applications until 1 hour before begin of GA.

command = AddDomainApplication
domain =
period = 1
auth = [authcode]
ownercontact0 = [CONTACT]
admincontact0 = [CONTACT]
techcontact0 = [CONTACT]
billingcontact0 = [CONTACT]
nameserver0 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]
nameserver1 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]

Reminder: Valid Whois Data and Contact Verification

13.03.2017 16:48

We would like to remind you to take care of valid Whois Data and to have complete and verified contact handles. This is especially important for those handles used for gTLD and nTLD domains. Our goal is to have most accurate Whois Data used for domains in our system, also in respect of a best possible management for you.

Furthermore, in our best effort to ensure accurate Whois Data, we are going to set generic domains (gTLDs and nTLDs) with empty or incomplete contact handles to the status ClientHold as of May. The consequence is that the respective registry will not activate domains with such a clientHold status in the DNS, and thus they will not resolve. Affected reseller accounts having domains with empty / incomplete contact handles will be informed directly by our team. Please note that we are checking for missing data in the fields Street, City, Zip, Country, Phone and E-mail.

We would like to ask you to update incomplete or incorrect Whois data as soon as possible. We thank you for your support.

New renewal modes for domains

07.03.2017 16:02

We are pleased to inform you about two new renewal modes for domains which are now available in our system: RenewOnceThenAutoDelete and RenewOnceThenAutoExpire.

- RenewOnceThenAutoDelete: The domain is renewed once and is then set to AUTODELETE instead of DEFAULT.
- RenewOnceThenAutoExpire: The domain is renewed once and is then set to AUTOEXPIRE instead of DEFAULT.

These renewal modes are very useful if you want to renew selected domains once and then delete them and the default setting of your account is AUTORENEW. In contrast to these new modes, if you use the renewal mode RENEWONCE, the domain is returned to the DEFAULT mode after the successful domain renewal.

.tel: Lifting of DNS restrictions & new Telhosting platform on March 13

07.03.2017 16:00

As we have already announced, DNS restrictions for .tel domains will be lifted on March 13 and a new (optional) Telhosting platform will be launched. The facts at a glance:

What will change on March 13?
- DNS and usage restrictions will be lifted, registrants will have free choice in terms of the hosting and use of their .tel. The registrants can add their own DNS data to a .tel domain.
- New optional Telhosting platform ( will be live and the current Telhosting platform will be shutdown.
- Up until now, the registrars have provided the customers with access to and support for the CTH. From March 13, 2017, Telnic will assume this responsibility and the registrars will no longer need to provide this support service. Thus, any Telhosting customer support requests should be referred to Telnic Support at and they will handle them directly.
- As we are not responsible for the new Telhosting platform, the parameters X-TEL-USERNAME / X-TEL-PASSWORD will become obsolete. Our system will not be able to give any information on login data to the platform. If customers use the new platform and need support, they have to contact the registry directly.
- .tel deletions will be processed in real time.
- The registry will not be offering sub domain functionality in the new Telhosting platform. Should your customers wish to continue to host their domain on a similar version to the current Telhosting platform which incorporates sub domains, they are required to contact the registry at in order to discuss the available options.

How to migrate content from the old Telhosting platform to the new one?

Telnic has provided all existing .tel domain holders with accounts for the new optional Telhosting platform to prepare their new Telhosting account in advance of the cutover.
Important: Content will NOT be migrated automatically! .tel domain owner data that resides on the current Telhosting system will not be accessible after March 13.

Any .tel domain owner that wishes to extract a copy of their data from the current system should run the BACKUP function from their current Telhosting account before this deadline. This will produce an XML file containing all of their data which can be used either as a reference for populating their new account or as a data source for populating an independent and separate 3rd party hosting solution.

Shortnews on .moi and .ru domain names

21.02.2017 09:19

- Change in .moi launch schedule: .moi General Availability has been postponed until March 28, 2017 (14:00 UTC).

- Authcode for .ru transfer out: Please note that the authcode necessary for the transfer out of a .ru domain to another registrar (not RU-Center) can not retrieved any more via our API (StatusContact) but must be requested at RU-Center in the registrant's account.

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