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.basketball Sunrise is open!

02.08.2017 16:06

We are now accepting your binding applications for .basketball domain names. .basketball is the official TLD of the FIBA, the International Basketball Federation.

Launch time-table:

Sunrise: Until August 21, 2017 (23:59 UTC). Only for trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. Multiple applications for the same domain will be resolved by auction. Sunrise is followed by the Invitation Priority Access Period in which we do not participate.
Landrush: From October 23, 2017 (14:00 UTC) until December 22, 2017 (23:59 UTC). Community token required. Tokens will be issued by the FIBA, through the National Federations and other community-based administrative entities. Multiple applications for the same domain will be resolved by auction. Landrush is followed by the 1-year(!) General Community Priority Period in which we do not participate.
Early Access Program (EAP): From January 8, 2019 (14:00 UTC) until January 15, 2019 (13:59 UTC). First-come, first-served.
General Availability (GA): As of January 15, 2019 (14:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.

Please note: Applications can be submitted until 1 hour before the end of Sunrise / Landrush / the individual EAP day respectively before begin of General Availability.

command = AddDomainApplication
domain =
period = 1-10
ownercontact0 = [CONTACT]
admincontact0 = [CONTACT]
techcontact0 = [CONTACT]
billingcontact0 = [CONTACT]
nameserver0 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]
nameserver1 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]

smdfile0 = [Line 1 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile1 = [Line 2 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile2 = [Line 3 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
smdfile3 = [Line 4 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED
trademark = [Your token] - REQUIRED

auth = [token] - The community token can be transmitted via authcode - REQUIRED

Shortnews on .fi, .tube, .storage

17.07.2017 12:36

Check of lawfulness of .fi domains:

Please advise your .fi registrants that they should consult registers before the domain registration in order to check whether the .fi domain name they are about to register is a protected name or trademark owned by another party in Finland or the EU. Consulting the registers is simple and free of charge. You can find links to all registers here:

Reserved names release & tiered price change for .tube:

On September 26, 2017 (00:00 UTC), the .tube registry will release thousands of previously reserved names on a first-come, first-served basis at premium or standard pricing. Moreover, changes to the tiered pricing options will be made: The price of thousands of .tube premium domains will be lowered by moving them into lower tiers and many names previously in tiers will be released into standard pricing.

.storage Golive postponed and change of backend:

Please note that the Golive of the TLD planned for July did not take place. The reason is the change of the backend operator from Afilias to CentralNic and a re-organization of the launch. The General Availability for .storage domains is expected to start on December 5, 2017. Further details will follow.

Verification for .no registrations

17.07.2017 12:23

It has come to our attention that a number of .no orders with stolen or false contact details have been submitted to us in violation of .no registration policies. Resellers may only submit .no registration requests after ensuring that the applicant of the domain name is authorized to represent the registrant. To meet these registry requirements we will also introduce verification of .no contact details to ensure that used data is accurate and the registration is authorized by the listed contact. Our support team may therefore contact the listed registrant contacts from time to time by phone to verify the registration.

In case the verification fails, the respective .NO domain may be disabled (i.e. disconnected from DNS) or deleted without refund. We reserve the right to terminate at any time and without warning the ability of resellers to register domains in the .no TLD if they submit unauthorized registration requests.

ICANN OwnerChange: Delay of some changes

06.07.2017 12:03

We announced new options and enhancements for the ICANN OwnerChange process. The realization of some of them was scheduled for June. Unfortunately, the implementation of these changes had to be postponed to July.

Thus, please note that the following changes will become effective on July 18, 2017:

1. Enhancement of the trigger code complexity:

Currently, our systems generates 10-digit trigger codes only (e.g. 1234567890). In order to improve the complexity, the trigger codes will have the following syntax in future:

Numbers: 0-9
Characters: a-z A-Z (case-sensitive)
Special characters: none
Length: 12

2. Change of ModifyContact command to a non-realtime process (for linked gTLD domains):

Currently, the ModifyContact command is processed in realtime after the confirmation of the update or after the sending of the DA e-mail. Effective July 18, this will be changed into a non-realtime process. The status clientTransferProhibited is applied to the domain prior to the contact change is conducted. An event is generated as soon as the change has been finished.

3. Possibility to resend the Designated Agent e-mails:

Currently, it is not possible to resend the DA e-mails. However, as of July 18, we will give you the possibility to use the ResendNotification command and thus to resend these notifications. Please note that this action may trigger several e-mails, e.g. if several IRTP changes for one domain / contact object were processed.

.bank/.insurance: Update of the fTLD security requirements

18.05.2017 16:21

fTLD, the registry of .bank and .insurance, has changed their security requirements that impact their compliance monitoring with the relevant provisions and their report process. fTLD notifies us of domain names that are non-compliant and we are forwarding these notifications to the concerned resellers as of now.

The weekly registry notifications will be passed on to to you in the manner of a notify event per domain. Please note: Failure to provide a timely response to fTLD and to implement a mutually-agreeableremediation plan may result in the domain name being removed from the .bank/.insurance zone, or other significant actions such as domain name revocation.

The new fTLD Security Requirements can be found at the link below.

Release of .sc premium domains:

18.05.2017 15:55

The .sc registry announced the release of .sc registry reserved domain inventory and 1- and 2-character domains from June 1, 2017 (15:00 UTC) to EPP Premium. They will be available for registration using the EPP Fee Extension.

Premium domain handling: Change for the fee extension class

18.05.2017 15:54

Please note that we will activate a modification for the fee extension property X-FEE-CLASS in our production system on June 23, 2017. Currently, X-FEE-CLASS returns the value "premium" for all X-FEE-COMMANDS transactions even if not all of them may have a premium price. It could be for example that the creation of a premium domain is processed at the high premium price, whereas the transactions renewal, transfer, and restore of the domain name are available at the regular fee.

Beginning June 23, only X-FEE-COMMANDS transactions that actually have a premium price associated will return the value "premium" for the property X-FEE-CLASS. Transactions at the regular rate will return "standard".

Please check your implementation of the X-FEE-CLASS property and its response to reflect this update. You can already test this change in our OT&E system starting May 23, 2017.

Note: Some TLDs do not offer the possibility to detect a standard price or a premium domain name. For those TLDs all X-FEE-CLASS response values will still show "premium" even though the price is a standard price.

.io, .sh, .ac: Transition to Afilias registry system and significant changes

18.05.2017 15:52

Afilias will be the new technical back-end provider for the Internet Computer Bureau (ICB Registry). The transition of the registry system for the ccTLDs .io, .sh and .ac to the Afilias registry system will be processed from June 10 (15:00 UTC) until June 11, 2017 (06:00 UTC).

As a consequence, the domain life cycle of .io, .sh and .ac will be adjusted to the standard gTLD life cycle.

The main changes in an overview, effective as of June 11:

Domain name operations for .io, .sh and .ac domains will be processed identically to .info domain operations.
Domain names may be registered and renewed for a period of 1 to 10 years.
There will be the normal 60-day transfer prohibited status on all new creates.
After migration to the Afilias registry system, domains upon expiry will be auto-renewed and the relevant grace period (45 days) will apply.
Names that may have expired but not been deleted from the registry system (prior to the migration) will be automatically renewed and will remain in Autorenew Grace Period for 45 days.
Support of all IDNs that are available at the Afilias registry system.

.co: Extension of the Redemption Grace Period (RGP)

18.05.2017 15:03

The .co registry will be extending its Redemption Grace Period (RGP) to align with generic TLDs.

As of August 1, 2017 (00:00 UTC), all second-level and third-level .co domain names (.co,,,, will extend their RGP from 20 days to 35 days which will include 30 days restorable and 5 days non-restorable. After the RGP, domains will dropped and deleted.

Simplification of .asia domain registrations as of July 15

18.05.2017 14:45

On July 15, 2017, the .asia registry system will be migrated to the new Afilias Shared Registry System. Moreover, the .asia Charter Eligibility Declaration Requirement Policies have been updated and will become effective on the same date. With this update, it is no longer necessary to provide a contact in the DotAsia Community (Asia Pacific region). The updated CED Requirement Policies will allow for "entities seeking relationship or presence in Asia” to register a .asia domain without a pre-existing address or registered ID. The finalized Charter Eligibility Declaration Requirement Policies update is posted as "Candidate Release" version here and will be effective on July 15, 2017.

Thus, for new .asia domains, we will allow registrants to complete .asia domain registrations without requiring any CED check (i.e. similar to any open gTLD). This change will simplify the registration and
management of .asia domain names since all X-ASIA-CED parameters will become obsolete just as the need of a trustee service solution.

We will take the following measures regarding existing .asia domain registrations:

Removal of all X-ASIA-CED parameters for our customers on July 15
Removal of the trustee service for our customers and replacement of the trustee contact with the owner contact on July 15

We will provide you with more detailed information in June.

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