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.app: Pre-orders possible as of now!

20.03.2018 15:31

You can now submit your binding applications for .app domain names! This new TLD of the Google Registry wants to offer a more secure name space for developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to showcase their apps to the world.

.app is an encrypted-by-default TLD by virtue of being inscribed in the HSTS Preload list. As such, all second-level domains under .app will only load on modern browsers if a valid SSL certificate has been configured and the web server is serving HTTPS.

Important information: This behavior of .app must be clarified to registrants. A respective notification must be integrated as part of the registration flow and presented prior to purchase. It cannot be embedded in other terms of service, nor require the registrant to follow a link to obtain the information. You may use the following sample text of the registry for the notice. On demand of the registry, the reseller will have to provide screenshots of the purchase flow including the notice. You have to confirm that you have understand and will comply to these requirements by transmitting the parameter X-ACCEPT-SSL-REQUIREMENT = 1.

Sample text:
.app is a more secure domain, meaning that HTTPS is required for all .app websites. You can buy your .app domain name now, but in order for it to work properly in browsers you must first configure HTTPS serving. For more information about configuring HTTPS, including resources to obtain an SSL certificate, please contact our support.

Please note: The SSL requirement is enforced at the browser level, so there is no mandated order of purchase. The HSTS Preload list, to which .app is inscribed, only forces encryption on HTTPS connections, thus, .app domain names that do not have an SSL certificate configured may still be used for other services like e-mail and non-browser based uses such as defensive registrations.

Launch schedule:

Sunrise: From March 29 (16:00 UTC) until May 1 (15:59 UTC). Only for trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. First-come, first-served.
Early Access Program (EAP): From May 1 (16:00 UTC) until May 8 (15:59 UTC). First-come, first-served
General Availability (GA): As of May 8 (16:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.

Please note: Applications can be submitted until 1 hour before the end of Sunrise / EAP respectively before begin of General Availability.


command = AddDomainApplication


domain =

period = 1

ownercontact0 = [CONTACT]

admincontact0 = [CONTACT]

techcontact0 = [CONTACT]

billingcontact0 = [CONTACT]

nameserver0 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]

nameserver1 = [NAMESERVER] | [NULL]



smdfile0 = [Line 1 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED

smdfile1 = [Line 2 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED

smdfile2 = [Line 3 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED

smdfile3 = [Line 4 of your SMD file] - REQUIRED



trademark = [Your token] - REQUIRED

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