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.ie: Change of the applicant classes and policy liberalization

05.12.2017 16:05

As we informed, the following changes apply to .ie (Ireland) domain names: The extension X-IE-DOMAIN-CATEGORY has become obsolete and the extension X-IE-OWNER-REMARKS has been added as an optional parameter.

Now we would like to inform you about further updates regarding .ie domains:

1. The values for the parameter X-IE-APPLICANT-CLASS will change on January 9, 2018 (10:00 UTC).

The following classes will apply:

    Business Owner
    Club/Band/Local Group
    State Agency

The existing classes will be mapped to the new classes for API commands and forms:

Body Corporate (Ltd, PLC, Company) => Company
Sole Trader => Business Owner
Unincorporated Association => Club/Band/Local Group
School/Educational Institution => School/College
Statutory Body => State Agency
Constitutional Body => State Agency
Discretionary Applicant => Blogger/Other
Natural Person => Blogger/Other

2. In addition, the rules for registering .ie domain names will be changed in March 2018.

The need to explain in a separate form why a registrant want a particular name (also called "claim to the name") when registering .ie domain name will be removed. Anyone with a real connection to Ireland will be able to register any available .ie domain they want.

In the meantime, it is important that registrants protect their brand and register any available names they need before the rules change. The only way to ensure that no one registers a domain they want or need is to register it themselves. More information about the planned policy liberalization for .ie domains can be found here. (

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