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Reminder: Change of the .fr trade command

09.12.2016 15:02

Afnic, the .fr registry, is going to change their registrant change procedure to make it simpler and more compliant with market standards. The changes are already available for testing in the OT&E.
As of December 12, 2016 (10:00 UTC), the registrant change procedure for .fr domain names will be carried out in the following way:

the holder change operation will be carried out via an Update Domain transaction;
the Registrant will be responsible for obtaining the agreement of
the outgoing and incoming registrants to carry out the transaction;
the transaction will not be charged;
the transaction will not change the domain name's expiry date.

After the release of the new registrant change procedure on December 12 (10:00 UTC), the trade command will be disabled, so sending a Trade command (request/cancel) will receive an error. Along with the successful update of the registrant the domain authcode will be updated as well and needs to be provided to the new registrant. The new authcode can be retrieved by standard StatusDomain command.

Obligations regarding updates of registered name holders:

For any update of the registered name holder of a .fr domain name, the Registry Service Provider (RSP) must obtain and keep documentary evidence of the agreement of the previous registered name holder and the new registered name holder (if applicable). Such evidence can be obtained through approval emails, trigger codes sent by SMS, log entries of approvals given in registered name holders customer account with RSP or similar processes. Upon reasonable request documentary evidence must be provided within 3 workingdays. Failure to provide documentary evidence shall result in a penalty fee of 1,000 EUR.

RSP is also responsible for informing the old and new registered name holder once the update is complete.

Please note that all changes apply to the other Afnic ccTLDs .re, .yt,
.wf, .tf, and .pm as well.

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