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.bank & .insurance: Security requirements enforcement deadline

30.11.2016 10:57

.bank and .insurance domain name registrations must go through a registry verification process and comply with special security requirements.

The registry detected some compliance issues that have persisted for extended periods of time. The most common issue detected is non-compliance with the TLS encryption requirement saying that v1.1 or greater must be used and that older versions such as v1.0 are strictly prohibited. The registry recommends to review requirement #30 in the
Security Requirements and Annex A regarding Authorizations for Defined Services.

Please note that the TLS and any other applicable requirements must be brought into compliance no later than April 30, 2017. On May 1, 2017, any domains or sub-domains that are non-compliant will be subject to escalated compliance actions up to and including suspension of the domain name.

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