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Domain Registration and Administration Tool for Internet Service Providers.
EuropeanNIC offers a Registration and Administration Tool especially designed for Internet Service Providers and Domain Wholesales Companys. The fully automated Domain Robot supports more than 800 different TLDs through easy to use interfaces.

Domain Registrations are processed in real-time via API or through the whitelabeled webinterface.

Domain Management

Fully automated registration and management of domains worldwide through web interface and various APIs.

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To make domain registration even easier, we offer services like DNS Hosting, Trustee Service and WHOIS Privacy.

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Sub-Reseller System

As a distributor you can manage multiple sub-resellers accounts and white-label our interface to your own CI.

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Starter Plan Distributor Plan
4,90 € / Month
12 Month Minimum Runtime
59,00 € / Month
3 Month Minimum Runtime
Domain Administration
Current Price according to Starter-Pricelist
Domain Administration
Current Price according to Distributor-Pricelist
DNS Hosting
Internal Domains: free
External Domains: 0,50 € p.m. per domain
DNS Hosting
Internal Domains: free
External Domains: 0,25 € p.m. per domain
Whois Privacy
1,00 € per Domain and Year
(Available with Thin-Registries)
Whois Privacy
0,50 € per Domain and Year
(Available with Thin-Registries)
25 Sub-Reseller Accounts included
1,00 € p.m. per additional Account
Unlimited Accounts included

Sub-Reseller Layer
50,00 € per Month
(allows your sub-resellers to manage their own sub-resellers)
Sub-Reseller Layer
Free of charge for one layer


Domain News

08.08.2016 14:14

Increase of the .fm restore price because of backend provider change

CentralNic is the new registry backend provider for .fm since August 1, 2016. In the course of moving .fm from the Minds and Machines backend to CentralNic, the restore rate for .fm was increased by the .fm registry BRS Media at short notice. For this reason, we need to adjust the .fm restore pricing.

08.08.2016 14:13

.rs: Domain verification for new registrations will be introduced

The registry RNIDS for the TLD .rs (Serbia) has migrated to a completely new domain registry system. In consequence, the registry has introduced a domain verification process similar to the gTLD registrant verification. Following the domain registration, the .rs registry will send a verification link to the registrant's e-mail address that needs to...

08.08.2016 13:59

.uk: Introduction of two new extensions as of September 12

We already informed you about planned changes to the .uk registration process. Background is Nominet's Data Quality Policy with the requirement to facilitate automatic validation of contacts. We have now defined an improved process that minimizes the impacts on the registration procedure for .uk domains. In order to comply to Nominet's Data Quality...